Financial Assistance to Students

UGC Supported Scholarships:

  1. Merit Scholarships is given to 20 students every year @ Rs. 5000 each.
  2. Travel Assistance of 1 Lakh Rupees per year

Other Scholarships

 In addition to UGC sponsored scholarships the students of this College are entitled to various other scholarships and endowments. Application forms for the same are provided in the College office. The following scholarships from various sources are made available in accordance with merit, income and other conditions of  eligibility.

       Name of endowment                               Purpose    

Mrs. Saramma & Mr. P.T. Kurian Prize                Highest Mark III DC

Mrs. Annamma Zachariah Prize                          Highest Mark I BA

Mary Mathew Prize                                            Student Aid

Mrs. A. James Prize                                          Student Aid

Mr. K.J. Samuel Prize                                        Student Aid

Baby & Kunjamma Prize                                    Student Aid

Thomas Abraham Prize                                      Student Aid

Mrs. Laly Varghese Prize                                   Student Aid

DallasM.T. Youth League Prize                          Student Aid

Sunil Jacob Chammarappallil Prize                     Student Aid

MarThomaChurchBhilai Prize                           Student Aid

Oommen Varghese Prize                                   Student Aid

Mr. M.A. Chacko Prize                                       Student Aid

Mrs. Anitha Prize                                               Student Aid

Rev. K.V. Alexander Prize                                  Highest Mark III B.Sc

M.T. Students Conference                                 Prize     Student Aid

Mr. K.A. Jacob Prize                                         Student Aid

Mr. K.L. Varghese Prize                         III B.Sc. Phy. Highest

Mr. K. Kurian                                                     Lunch Programme

Rev. K.G. George Karayath Prize                       Highest Mark III DC Eco.

Mr. K.A. Thomas Prize                                       Highest Mark  III B.Com.

Mr. E.V. Jacob Prize                                         Highest Mark I B.Com.

Mr. C.C. Jacob Chammarapplly Prize                 Best Outgoing Athelete

Mr. Peelikutty Babu Prize                                   Student Aid

Cherukara Johny Susamma Prize                       Student Aid

E.J. Joseph Elakkattukadappil Prize                  Best Outgoing Athelete

Mr. Mathew David & Lali Mathew Prize                Student Aid

Thambi & Santhi Kolannor Prize             Student Aid

U.S.A.Sevika Sangham Prize                            Student Aid

Moothampakal Sadhu Kochunju                         Highest Mark in III DC

Upadesi Memorial Prize                                     Malayalam

Master Anju Jacob Memorial Prize          Highest Mark in III BA                - do -                            Social Psychology

Mr.M.G. Chacko & Sosamma Chacko
Endowment        Student Aid

P.C. Cherukutty Memorial Prize              Highest Mark in Botany III Dc

Christose M.T. Church Prize                   Highest Mark in III BA History

Kizhakkethalakkal K.V. Abraham
Endowment        Student Aid

Dr. Samuel Memorial Endowment           Highest Mark +2 Exam.

Dr. Jacob OommenKuwaitPrize            Student Aid

Rev. & Mrs. C.S. George Bangalore Prize           Student Aid

Mrs. & M.A. Stephen Bangalore Prize     Student Aid

Mrs. & M.C. Jacob Mathew
Keezhillom Prize    Student Aid
Mr. Thoppil Abraham Welland Prize   Student Aid

Mrs. Lilly Jacob Calcutta Prize               Student Aid

Dr. & Mrs. Mathai Thiruvananthapuram Prize       Student Aid

Mr. P.K. George Thundoor Prize Student Aid

Mr. Thomas Varghese Puthupallil           Student Aid

Easow Mar Timotheos Memorial
Scholarship Instituted by M.O. John

MundapallilEnglandStudent Aid

Karipallil K.A. Abraham Memorial

Endowment Scholarship                                    Student Aid

Dr. A.V. Thambi Prize    DC                   Student Aid

M.A. John & Kunjoonjamma John          B.Sc. Student  Aid

Manaloor TVM

Chacko Simon   -   Scholarship through Dept of Economics

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