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Citizens can seek information regarding the activities of The College, by submitting a written request with details like Name, address, contact telephone number and particulars of the information sought. The reason for seeking information need not be given. The duly signed request may be addressed to the Chief Information Officer, Mar Thoma College, Chungathara, along with the required fee of Rs.10/- Court Fee stamp. Copies of documents will be charged according to the rate fixed by the State Information Commission, Kerala.

If the reply is not received in time or if the information is not given, you can tender appeal to the First Appellate Authority, Mar Thoma College, Chungathara.

Public Information officer Designation
 Dr. R. Jayaprakash Associate Professor & Head of the Department, Department of Physics


Assistant Public Information officer Designation
Mr. Biju Mark Johon U.D Clerk


Appellate Authority Designation
 Dr. Raina Thomas Principal


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