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The Physical Education Department of college provides immense facilities for the activities of the sports of the students as well as the public. We have a well constructed stadium and pavilion. The students and the public in and around the college are utilising the sports facilities provided by the Department of Physical Education which has links with the local clubs and nearby educational institutions.

Playground consists of a football court, cricket ground, concrete basketball court, shuttle badminton court etc. College women’s cricket team is the winners of the University tournaments for the last three years and six players are representing the University team and three of them representing the state team. College conducted the women’s university coaching camp for the last four years. This year we hosted the university women’s cricket tournament in the college. The senior state women’s cricket camp was also held in campus. College cricket team is representing the Malappuram women’s cricket team, since all its members are from our college. The team has won the Kerala state senior women cricket championshipin the year 2003-2004.

The facilities available are

  • Playground (Football & Cricket)
  • Basketball Court
  • TT
  • Badminton Court

“Pheonix School of Athletics” was started under the Department of Physical Education in 2013. Under the School, ten students talented in Athletics from nearby schools are selected. They are given special coaching in the morning and evening every day. The main purpose of this programme is to Catch Them Young. Our Physical Education faculty with the help of other qualified coaches trains them.

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