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Network Resource Centre

The main objective of the NRC is to create awareness and give exposure to staff and students about the use of computer .The information and communication net work will help the students to have an access to multimedia materials in teaching and learning from places of eminence in India and abroad

Inauguration / functioning

The UGC  NRC was inaugurated by the manager  Rt,Rev Gregorios Mar Stephanos on 2nd November is  opened  to the students, every day after 3.30 pm. Mondays  for  science students,Tues days for arts students  and Wednesdays for commerce students. An average of 30 students are taking this service in a week. A separate register is maintained for keeping the details

A new project

B.Sc Mathematics students have computer applications as one of their complementary subject.The Department and the selected mathematics students provides  a service to give 100% computer literacy in the campus. A four hours package of basic computer knowledge is provided to the students by   using the facilities of the Net Work Resource Centre.

There are four computers provided with internet connections and a printer .Teachers can use these facilities during their free time.

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