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The rules and regulations of the college are framed to ensure a peaceful campus atmosphere. The college community is bound to abide by such rules along with the directions offered by the Honourable High Court of Kerala through its various judgements. The violation of these court orders will invoke not only contempt of court but also invite punishment.

Only formal wear is allowed in the campus.

Students shall always behave with dignity and courtesy and their behaviour in the college shall conform to the standards of academic decorum. Respect your elders and teachers.

Students shall do their best to preserve the peaceful academic atmosphere of the campus.

No student shall leave or enter the classroom without the permission of the teacher. Be punctual and regular in the college.

Furniture in the class room should not be dislocated or damaged. All serious and willful damage will be required to pay for with such penalty as may be imposed by the Principal.

Any disfigurement or damage to college building, water, gas, fire, electrical installations, gardens and premises will be punished and the cost of the damages, if any, will be recovered.

Students are forbidden to organise or attend any meeting in the college or address students in the class room or any other gathering in the campus nor are they allowed to collect money from the students without prior permission from the principal.

All the complaints or grievances of the students are to be reported to the Grievance Redressal Cell.

Ragging, teasing, intimidating, harassing, using words of abuse etc., within the campus or outside are punishable crimes under Police Act and such matters will be immediately reported to the police. Students involved in such acts will be adequately

Smoking and using or keeping alcoholic drinks or drugs are strictly forbidden in the college campus.

Educational concessions awarded to students are liable to forfeiture for misconduct and the concession will be withdrawn. The identity card must be returned to the college at the end of the course and bus concession card, at the end of every
academic year.

Students and outsiders are not allowed to be present in the campus after 5 p.m.

Students should not crowd in the verandas obstructing passage or sit on the side walls of the corridors.

As per High Court Order students and outsiders are not permitted to bring vehicles inside the campus during class hours. They have to park the vehicle at the allotted areas.

Students are strictly prohibited from using mobile phones anywhere in the campus as per Govt. Order No. 30115/K3/09/dated 10-2-2010.

Students who fail to register their names or to apply for the University examination will not be permitted to continue the course, in the following year.

For any breach of discipline, students will be expelled from the college by the Principal in consultation with the College Council of the College.

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